What professional qualification do you have?
I hold the IoLET Diploma in Translation, which is regarded as a benchmark for professional standards in translation. I also have:
a PhD in German history
an MA degree in German
a BA degree in German and Economics
and most importantly of all – extensive experience in the translation industry, including three years working in-house at Alinea Financial Translations, a specialist financial and legal translation provider in Frankfurt.

What makes a good translator?
A strong grounding in the subject matter and a sure stylistic touch. The key to good translation is not just understanding the source text, but creating a finished product that sounds as natural as a text originally written in the target language. This requires professional training, a love of words, an understanding of cultural nuances, a streak of perfectionism and an eye for detail.

Translation is not a regulated profession, which means that anyone can say they are a translator. Whenever possible, choose a translator with a professional qualification and a background in the specialist area of your source text.

How much does it cost?
The price of a translation depends on the length, complexity and document type/format of the source text. Depending on your needs, I charge either per standardised line (one line = 55 characters) or per word. Unless otherwise requested, my rates are based on the length of the source text, so that you know in advance exactly how much the translation will cost. I have a minimum charge of just € 30 or £ 25.
For my proofreading service, I charge per hour. This means that texts requiring only minor tweaks can be checked at a lower cost to you. Contact me for a free and non-binding quote.

I’m still not sure. How can I find out if you’re the right translator for the job?
Contact me to request a free short* test translation.
* I offer a free test translation of up to one standard page (approximately 200-250 words) in length.

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