"Andrew Evans not only translates texts, but also delves into their context. For texts in the humanities, this is immensely helpful. Metaphors, images, references and comparisons cannot be translated one-to-one, but have to be adapted with an eye to their context for an English-speaking readership. For my text, Andrew did this wonderfully."

C. Kemper, Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte in Hamburg

My book "Encounters with Modernity" is not an easy assignment for any translator, as it is packed with specialist terminology, both theological and sociological, and requires precision and attention to detail to render its complex ideas in accessible English without diluting this complexity. Andrew Evans has done an excellent job in translating my book, and it was always a pleasure to work with him. I have worked with Andrew before, on an edited collection "Reading Primary Sources", and already on that occasion both myself as a co-editor and the contributor were very excited about his meticulous work.
Encounters with Modernity. The Catholic Church in the Federal Republic, 1945-1975, Berghahn, 2014

B. Ziemann, University of Sheffield

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